had surgery to remove Morton’s Neuroma between 3 and 4th toe. First week after surgery I could not put any weight at all on foot as the nerve pain was AWFUL. Dr. gave me a rocker boot which enabled me to walk a bit. After the second week walking in the boot was OK. Wore the boot for a 3rd week before switching to a Merril Clog shoe which is the only shoe that is comfortable. and there is still nerve sensitivity in that when I apply any pressure at all to the middle of the foot on the bottom it sends a sticking feeling right through to the 4th toe bypassing any feeling in the area which is still numb between the toes and just slightly beneat the 2 toes. Also, when I lightly rub the top of my foot anywhere from the middle of the foot on toward the toes, I have nerve sensitivity and tingling. Last 2 days I’m beginning to feel even more annoying nerve sensitivy on the underside of the 4th toes mostly annoying enough that I feel it even when I am not walking on it.
Only different things I did this past week were an ultrasound treatment administered by the doc’s staff and wore new orthodics for a couple of hours and a thick gel pad was placed right into the orthodic at that spot in the middle of the bottom of the foot that aggrevates the nerve.
Needless to say I’ve stopped using these orthodics and will point this out to my doc on the next visit.
Are these tingles and sticking sensations typical? And if not are they likely to remain or eventually go away? What do you think about this latest development? … This is all very disturbing … and I still cannot walk barefoot as the pressure on the area beneath the 3/4th toes also creates the sticking problem. Please let me know your thoughts and thank

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I can not comment specifically with regard to your situation. Certainly patients vary in their response to pain. I do not know you so I can not evaluate your individual situation. Having said that, it certainly is not unusual to have pain for weeks after a surgery. What I tell patients is that slow and steady progress is ok. No progress is not. It sounds like you are improving slowly. You seem to be communicating with your doctor, so that is good. It can take several months for some to feel better in everything after foot surgery. I hope this helps some.


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