Austin Bunionectomy

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I am 5 weeks post op and my foot is doing great.
I am wearing my own shoe and have no pain.
However, the doctor cut the tendon in my second toe to keep it from gravitating towards my big toe, but it seems like it is going that way anyway.
My left foot has a bunion also but the second toe goes towards my big toe also.
Is there anything that can be done to clip that tendon in my right foot again and/or do the left one so that toe straightens out?


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    If this is due to a cross over toe deformity, clipping the tendon, as you wrote, might not be enough. I really can’t evaluate your situation, so I am at a disadvantage. Your surgeon needs to be aware of this.


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    I myself just had a bunionectomy a week to the day. I’m doing fine, but I actually regret having my big toe straingtened in the process. Did you have this done or just the bunion removed? If so do you have any pins that will stay in your toe? I”m sorry I can’t actually answer your question, but i know that I have definetly opted away form having my left foot done. Now, I just have two completely different feet.


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