Austin Bunionectomy

I had an Austin Bunionectomy performed on my right foot 22 months ago. I am still in more pain than prior to the surgery. I have pain in the sesmoid area and inside the joint, depending on the position of my foot. The only thing that keeps the discomfort tolerable are my orthotics and shoes with a heal no greater than 1/2″. Celebrex was helpful but I have stopped taking it because I am trying to get pregnant. I have been for a second opinion and neither DPMs have confident solutions. X-rays show no fracture, but there is arthritis evident. I did the surgery to prevent arthritis! Any suggestions?

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    You should have no pain 4 months after surgery. The plantar osteotomy (bone cut) may have been placed too distally in the area of sesamoid metatarsal articulation causing scaring in this region. You may also have limited great toe dorsiflexion following surgery. Fixation screw k wire may be problematic. If you send a picture of your xray I can give you more information.


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