austin bunionectomy – x-rays show broken/too long screw

I need to know more about this.
i had x-rays taken 1 week ago by my chiropractor.
i had my bunionectomy done in dec 2011 and the current x-rays show one screw kind of bent and almost broken in half – as well as being too long.
my chiro said that the screw is hurting soft tissue inside my foot.
has the bone healed enough for this not to be a problem?
what about the tissue – it is tender in that spot.
what is the procedure to remove this?
please email.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    #1. Have you considered going back to the doctor who did your surgery?#2. Since I can’t see the x-rays or your foot, I can’t really give an opinion.#3. Taking the screw out is not usually a serious thing. Once the bone has healed, the hardware does not give any additional strength. When the screw is removed, the hole in the bone takes some time before it fills in again.


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