Austin performed correctly?

In August of 2013, I had an Austin bunionectomy* performed on my right foot. Nearly two years following surgery, I still experience pain both at rest and in everyday motion. Deformity (and discomfort) worse than that which needed correcting has surfaced. The pain and swelling that existed in my right knee and calf prior to surgery (presumably to compensate for the deformity in the foot) has worsened. Uncomfortable hammers are being made of my third and forth toes. Further, some nerve damage may have occured as I no longer have the abiliy to bend the big toe downward (must be bent manually). Are these “normal” surgery complications that I have just been lucky enough to experience all at once?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Have you returned to your surgeon and discussed your concerns? If you are not able to go there then consider seeing another doctor.


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