avulsion fracture of 5th metatarsal bone

my foot got fractured 5 weeks back doctor cast my foot for 6 weeks and he said tht I can walk on this cast …now its only one more week left to remove this cast but some time still I feel pain this pain is because iam walking on this cast or its just a recovery stage.

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    ^weeks ago I fell and fractured the 5th Metatarsal I was place in a cast up to my knee I have just had the cast off the surgeon wants to see me in one month asked him about physio he said no just give it death I am 58 very active and fit I went to a physion who said just to try and walk but be careful I can walk but have no confisence and worry as my calf is swollen and ankle I was told by the hospital that this is normal as the muscles have not been in use for 6 weeks I am excercising but have to be careful will the swelling go down is this normal? my physion gave me soft tissue massage can you please give me advice and should I still be using a crutch? thanks


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