Avulsion Navicular Fracture – exercise ideas?

Was pushed July 11, and during the fall my right upper body went to right side while left knee went over the outside of my left ankle (left foot was “planted” because I have weakness in right leg). Immediate pain on outside of foot in area under/in front of ankle bone, and in arch.
E.R. read X-ray as old fracture (wrong).
3 wks later CAT scan showed avulsion fracture of navicular bone and a chip. By telephone *only*, Specialist instructed me to get post-Op shoe. Specialist did not see me even though I stated I could not flex foot, could not stand or bear wght.
Saw another specialist given air cast, but I cannot lift it let alone walk in it (previous weakness & leg probs from DVTs and L-4,5 injuries). Dr also said case of regional pain syndrome/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. Eight (8) weeks after fall, still SIGNIFICANT pain in same area as described above if I try to stand.
Nerve pain 50% less with contrast H2O soaks. I want to walk! What exercises would help?
Doing ROM, deep massage, and soaks. I’m a former R.N.
Very frustrated.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I can not be sure of any of the diagnoses without examining your foot and x-rays. Having said that, I would x-ray your other foot as well. There is a small % of prople who have an accessory navicular bone. This is sometimes mistaken as a “chip fracture” by ER doctors. To be fair, the foot has numerous accessory bones and a generalist can not know what all of them look like. As far as the RSD, I would recommend a visit to a neurologist for clarification.If you do indeed have a fracture, I would not recommend doing any exercises until there is sufficient healing. For pain relief, a TENS or Galvanic Stim unit such as a SPORTX for Rehabilicare are quite nice adjunct to pain and swelling. Have you seen a podiatrist or orthopedist?


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