Avulsion Navicular Fx July 11th, CRPS 1/2 foot

I thought I posted here before but I cannot find posting or reply…July 11th, avulsion fracture of navicular with a bone chip after a twisting fall.
E.R. misdiagnosed x3-4 weeks – e.g. no cast, only Ace Wrap every day + elevation + ice. Cat-Scan finally done and fractures diagnosed.Specialist just 2 weeks ago gave Air Walking Cast. His diagnosis is written (I swear!) as “Healing fracture vs. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome vs. Prolonged Abnormal Bleeding” !
That is not much help.
He did tell me possible Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and also he did not think I would need surgery.My foot has these problems: 1. continued swelling from toes to leg on top & bottom of foot 2. still purple around great toe to pedal pulse area 3. extreme dryness (never had before) with cracking, itching, etc.
(even the vein itches like crazy) WORST PAIN is in front of and under the ankle bone, lateral side, and up to top of foot 4. extreme sensitivity esp near toes 5. still unable to completely flex foot because of pain in front of / below ankle bone 6. the fractured foot has now started twitching/tremors, like I have had primarily in opposite leg/foot (see next paragraph) 7. various tendon/ligament pains in arch, up back of leg. History of DVTs bilaterally groin to knees, BUT no previous problems with this foot.
As complications from DVT I have: (a) History of polyneuopathy in LEGS ONLY and no problem in this foot previously (b) weakness and tremor esp. in other leg/foot.
Also have active S-I joint back pain with L-3, L-4, L-5 radiculopathy / foraminal narrowing and intermittent loss of reflexes. [Note: I have good pulses.)Have started these things: 1. Contrast baths = decreased the sensation pain by 40% — and using soft to coarse material across foot (silk or cotton vs. rough hand towel)2. Deep massages by hand3. Walking in air cast – can only go 3-8 steps due to pain in front of ankle bone4. Standing at least 1 minute – full weight-bearing.5. Active & Assisted ROM several or more times a day.
I’m a former R. N.
My concern is IF I’ll be able to walk again, AND how long I should expect to be rehab-ing, especially with my previous problems. (I had just learned I need back surgery before this fall happened.)Is there anything else I can be doing AT HOME (too difficult to get out of house for any out-pt services).
Thank you very much for your time.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    One thought I had was to consider either a TENS, Galvanic Stimulator such as a SPORTX or even an Interfernetial unit. I use Rehabilicare for these and generally find them helpful for pain control.


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