Awaiting an acl reconstruction

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Hi, I am due to have an acl reconstruction a week before christmas, at the moment i am having to build up the muscle around the cruciate ligament by going to the gym everyday.I am worried about the preblems I may face after the op is there anyone with a similar injury to me that would like to help put my mind at rest?????

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    when you say do alot of weights how much in one day should i be doing – worried that i am not doing enough – i go to the gym once a day but only for just over an hour – can you give me some advice cheers


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    Well I had ACL reconstruction in december of 2002. First time surgery. (make sure you go with people family, the’ll make it easier on you because the’ll be worried and you won’t be!!) As far as surgery itself you count to 7 and your awake!! My eyes didn’t want to stay open but I heard everything people were saying. It DOESN’T hurt… (keep telling yourself that and it works!!) Take medication B4 pain starts so you NEVER have to experience it! I went home as soon as I went to the bathroom (anestetics). Depending on your doctor you might have a splint, I did. By the 3rd day I was in Physio. The first couple of days are key to getting your mobility back as soon as possible so DO you exercises!! You should be fine, keep doing weights ALOT because you’ll be amazed how your quad will look post surgery! Anyhow if you have anymore questions I wrote my “rehab diaries” for the first 3 months after surgery! I recovered great… until now 2 years later with my meniscus acting up! Don’t worry about it though!


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