B-Boying (Breakdancing Injury)

Hello, I’ve been B-Boying for about five years now, and am at the point where I want to pursue it to a much higher degree…however, I have a large problem: My flexibility has been consistently minimal for years. I have never stuck with a stretch routine, and only now am I researching and reading up on the literature surrounding the many forms of stretching. One thing haunts me though. There is a move called the “windmill” in Breakin’ that I’ve done for years, and which has always left me very very sore afterwards, due to my aforementioned narrow range of motion [here in my groin/leg abduction movement i.e. “splits”]. I have encloed a link to an animation and description of “windmills” so you have an idea of what it involves Case in point, after years of that motion, which after every rotation forces your legs/groin to abduct up to and beyond its normal range of motion, my right groin region has what i percieve to be chronic pain…when i, for instance, stand on my right foot and lift up my left leg away from my body midline [ as in a kick], the resulting stretch of my right groin is irritating. The same applies for when I abduct my legs trying to stretch it. Only my right groin [my windmills are opposite those shown and so my right leg is the one that swings out more during windmills…]. Which leads me to my question. I think it may be the result of years of muscle strain and subsequent muscle tissue scarring. The pain only showed up in the past year, although I’ve been windmilling for years now. Is my self-diagnosis wrong, and could it be less serious [and fixable through adequate and regular stretching?], or am I fated to never again be able to comfortably do other moves that require thigh abduction [i.e. gymnastic flairs, windmills of any kind, sideways kicks, etc.]. Any advice is appreciated. I posted here because there is no “B-Boying Injury” research.

Thank you.

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