Hi. About 2 Months ago.. while shopping I bought too many items.. and carried them ALL in a Shoulder-Bag. I carried the Bag ACROSS my body.. diagonally. The bag wasn’t TOO heavy.. about 20lbs. maybe.
I walked for around 45 minutes to 1 hour with this bag. A few days later.. I noticed some back pain. I thought it was muscle-soreness. The pain did not go away. Then I went to a Chiropractor.. he pushed and pulled my back and said I had some blockages and turned vertebrae. A few days later.. the pain was still there. I went to the Chiropractor again. He treated me again and said there were a few more blockages. A few days later I noticed that my back was better.. but NOT like it was BEFORE I had carried the bag. I went to a Sport-Massage a few times.. he said the Muscles in my back were still tight.. and that was causing the pain. I had 2 sessions with him. Later I STILL noticed TIGHTNESS in my back. I went to another man at the Sport-Massage.. he simply PRESSED my ENTIRE Vertebrae.. and said there were still 3 Blockages in my back. I went to him a week later.. he PRESSED again.. and said there was still 1 Blockage there. NOW.. my vertebrae.. PREDOMINATELY my upper back and neck.. but also the ENTIRE vertebrae.. feels TIGHT.
To explain it best.. would be to compare my back to an accordian.. that has been pressed together. When I press on my vertebrae.. it feels TIGHT. I don’t have pain.. but it feels UNCOMFORTABLE. Please tell me your Diagnosis.. and your suggestions.
Thank you.P.B.

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear P. B.Ny name is Dr Gambale and I am a chiropractor for more then 22 years and I would like to tell you if one of doctors regular or a chiropractor to take an X-ray of your neck curve.Loss of the normal neck curve can be a major factor for your health issues. Affter the you have taken an x-ray give me a call at toll free 877-602-7248 and I can healp with your neck curve loss.You can also visit me online Kind regards Dr. Gambale, Curvesolutions team


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