Back and knee pain

I have scoiliosis and I’m 26 When I was about3 or 4 I twisted my right knee. Here lately it has been hurting on the inner side top and some that feels like under my knee cap. could it be caused from my back being out of whack or what could be wrong. Thank you.

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    Hello, I just yesterday came home from the emergency room as the paramedics thought zI was having a heart attack with the symptons I was displaying at home. In the ambulance the driver noted a pronoubced scoiliosis in my back and asked when I knew about it? I said 6 years ago. Never paid no mind to any of it. I have always complained to my husband though about how our bed went soft after he got into it and that it hurt me for 7 years now and he says its all in my head. I rather sleep alone like when he is away overseas than sleep with him because the bed sinks in and I sleep bad then. Anyway, as it turned out on the day to the hospital I had picked up a laundry basket and I got a sharp pain across my back to both shoulder blades. After I sat down on the couch I felt my legs and arms getting too heavy to lift. My chest felt tight and I got scared. Then I felt a tinling in my toes and fingers. I felt very tired and numb. My family then called the ambulance and I went toemergency. I was not taken seriously and researched properly as to why this happened to me?? I came home with tests promised but not done. I’m afraid this could happen again. I feel I should have further tests so I know where to go from here. My family was afraid they were losing me at age 45. Please send info to explain. Thank you


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