Back and leg pain

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HiBeen having some problems with the back and numbness in the right leg and foot.
Had and MRI and this is part of the report:MRI LUMBAR SPINE CLINICAL HISTORY: Low back pain, right lower extremity radiculopathy. Low back pain is severe.Multiplanar, multisequence images of the lumbar spine were obtained from L 1 to the sacrum. For the purpose of this examination the inferior most well defined disk level is labeled L5-S1. The vertebral body heights and alignment is well maintained. The vertebral body bone marrow signal is homogeneous and within normal limits. The conus is normal in position and signal. The paravertebral soft tissues are unremarkable.At the L5-S1 level there is loss of disk height consistent with degenerative disk disease. There is a small annular tear. There is a large extruded disk material in the right lateral recess. There is sequestered disk material extending caudad from the herniated disk at the L5-S 1 impinging on the right L5 nerve root and impinging on the thecal sac and on the origin of the right S 1 nerve root. The sequestered disk material measures 9 x 12 x 17 mm.At the L4-5 level there is disk bulge eccentric to the right impinging on the exiting right L4 nerve root.IMPRESSION L5-S 1: HERNIA TED DISK WITH EXTRUSION, THERE IS SEQUESTERED DISK MATERIAL EXTENDING CAUDAD MEASURING 9 )( 12)( 17 MM IMPINGING ON THE RIGHT S1 NERVE ROOT CENTRALLY AND ON THE RIGHT L5 NERVE ROOT IN THE RIGHT LATERAL RECESS. How serious is this, I’m looking for a doctor but that takes time, would like to fix without surgery. Thanks for your thoughts.



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    You might be a surgical case but you won’t know until you have tried the last thing out there that can help. CHIROPRACTIC. Look for a practitioner that practices COX Flexion Distraction technique. Many times the disc material will be reabsorbed by the body as it repairs itself. Chiropractic is there to help it along.


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    Hi Roy, I just want to follow up on your progress with your symptom, I have a herniated disk as well with sequestered fragement impinging on the S1 nerve right now. I am in so much pain on my left buttock and hamstring and hoping to find answer to solve it. I just visited my family doctor today to discuss the MRI report. He recommended me to see a surgeon and a surgery to remove the sequestered material. Surgery is my last resource. Please get back to me and let me know what other solutions that I can take. Thank you.Janet.


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