back and neck always popping pain morning

hey there, I have had 2 herniated discs that ruptured and had 2 disectomies. one when I was young and one about 4 years ago. I am 46. I have pretty obnoxious pain all over in the morning…predominately in the lower back. I had l-5 and l-4 operated on… It is in that area.
I have been diagnosed with fibro and am on meds for it…which does make it more tolerble…but I still have back pain. throughout the day my neck, shoulders and back are constantly making popping and cracking noises. sometimes it is helpful if I have pain in that area…say my shoulder. the thought that it could be arthritis has crossed my mind…thoughts?

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Crystal,
    The word arthritis simply means joints that are inflamed. You have obvious damage to your vertebral joints and they are showing indication of degeneration or inflammation (arthritis) See a Chiropractic, exercise improve your diet and you may see a healthy improvement.


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