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I am a 22yr old (massage therapist) I was in an auto accident on 12/26/00. I was initially diagnosed with a bulging disc centrally and posteriorly in the L-4-5 area. I also had neck pain which was never addressed. I was treated at physical therapy and released. After being released my symtoms began to get worse. I then saw a chiropractor. After being evaluated I was told that I had subluxations. My problem areas are C-3,4,5 T-4,5,6 and L-3,4,5. I am also in phase 1 of degeneration of the spine. Could the degeneration be accident related? One other area was the sacral plexus. Lately, my pain is really starting to get bad. (I have only been to the chiropractor 2x It seems to help a little) Anyway, at times My head goes numb, I can’t feel my arms and my mouth tingles. I also have spasms beginning with the occip. muscles going all the way to the low back. Because I am a massage therapist I am sometimes able to friction along the muscles and release some of the tension. This takes like 30 min. of constant friction and deep tissue techniques. I was wandering how physical therapists treat these injuries because I may seek this form of therapy again. (I have taken a few classes in college to begin a pre-physical therapy program myself so I am very interrested in finding out how physical therapy helps the patient.) Especially, since I am now “the patient” If you could give me some info. I would really appreciate it. I am in pain basically at all times right now. It is getting very hard for me to deal with. I have not had a job since Dec. and I am stuck in pain with no way to really get a job because of so much pain. Thank you for your time I really appreciate any info you can provide. Thank you,Guannella Williamson

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    I have been doing research after, a serious car crash. Found the need to use a person qualified and trained in thermography, to diagnois problems. It takes some two years for injuries to show up sometimes. After that point, recovery if not diagnosed or treated, difficult to recover functions and nerve recovery. Any trauma to head has symptoms, head aches, sight, moods (anger) not readily noticable to the average person. X-Ray to C1, MRI,shows activity and damages. Must correlate trauma and symtoms.E-Mail [email protected]


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