Back, chest, and shoulder pain

or is it chest, back, and shoulder pain? or shoulder, back and chest pain? depends on whichever way i move i suppose…

i was playing basketball a few days ago when an opponent’s shoulder slammed into my sternum. it stung initially, but the pain was in no way debilitating. i was hardly even knocked back as he was much smaller than me, and i continued playing without any hinderance whatsoever. So insignificant was the incident, in fact, that i’d almost completely forgotten about it when i began to notice a significant increase of pain in the area in the days following. It hurts particularly whenever I take deeps breaths or move my right arm around (i was hit on the right side of my chest, btw). The pain is concentrated in the middle of my right sternum (breast plate) where i was tagged, and extends to my shoulder blade on my back, in the area immediately behind the aformentioned sternum. it doesn’t seem as though i’ve lost any range of motion, but as i said before, it hurts whenever i move my arm around, especially whenever i’m pushing against resistance such as during dips or push-ups. any guesses as to what might be going on?


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