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My daughter, who is 18yrs old, was involved in a car accident 7 months ago. She had a compression fracture at the L1 and three broken ribs at the 11th and 12th. After a week in the hospital and wearing a back brace for three months, she started doing her regular activites and headed off for the second semester of college. She has still been in a lot of pain. One doctor said she needs a posterior spinal fusion at the L1. He says her ligaments are hurt and her vertavra have too much movement.
She is very much into dancing. She is a dance major and plans to dance professionally after college. We want to gather different opinions about what spinal fusion would do to her dancing??

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    My husbamd is 79 and has stenosis in his spine. Is there a brace that would help him with walking. I feel a brace would help him walk better and would reduce the pain. Thank you!!!Mrs Earl E Arnold


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