Back Messed up from Skateboarding

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I have a lower back problem that only starts to bother me when i start doing some activity with my legs. Otherwise when im walking around or bending around or just doing my normanl thing i dont feel anything. But sometimes i would feel a little sensation in the area and it would spread to the outer part of my hip. The weird thing is that i dont feel it when im wlaking around or anthing else, just when i start running, or i try to skateboard it begins to take over. Ive had this for about a month now and my doctor said it was just a pulled muscle but and told me to take advil but that didnt help, and i used icy hot patches wich made it a lil betterbut im still scared to test out my back. Not sure when to start skating again. I also think it may be something with the bones in my back or something.. If someone ever experienced this or had any problme like this please tell me…

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    radiating sensations like that are caused by your nervous system. you could be pinching a nerve due to tight muscles or spinal deviation. if stretching & massages don’t work, go to the chiropractor. if you’ve never been to one before, you may feel a little sore because you’re changing the form your body was adapted to, but you’ll feel better in the long run.


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    yer i did the same thing when i was skating a while ago, i went to a gp and he said i had strained a muscle in my back and i should rest for about two weeks. i did for about two months and had massages and stuff like that and it would feel better but then as soon as i tried to jump or skate it would come straight back. i then went to a physiotherapist and he examined me and then did these wierd stretch things to me which stretched my spine in all different ways, it cracked it heaps and i felt such a relief. about two weeks after that i was skating again, i think it wouldn’t heal properly until my spine was put back in alignment or whatever.


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