back of the heel pain

About a month ago, I was playing soccer, stepped on top of the ball and rolled over my ankle.
It felt slightly sprained and now and again I may step funny and tweek it somehow causing the pain to return for a short period of time.
The problem that I am having now however, is that on the back of my heel just off the right of where it appears as though my achilles tendon attaches to my heel bone, I have a bump.
When I am wearing a shoe this bump rubs against the back of my shoe and causes a considrable amount of pain.
When I’m not wearing shoes, there’s no pain whatsoever and other than the bump, can’t tell there is anything wrong.
The actual area of this bump is no bigger than the tip of my pinky finger and when pushed or massaged feels as though a nerve is being rubbed, sending weird pain throughout the lower parts of the back of my heel.
I have been online trying to figure out just what this could be and my best guess would be Haglund’s deformity.
I’m 26 and just recently started training for a team sport so I have started running and biking more often than usual.
If there is anyone that could give me any insight or ideas it would be very helpful.
Thank you.

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    Dude, I have the same thing. I played soccer all my life and really had no problems until I started playing hockey and now the bumps on both my feet are killing me. Turns out I have Haglund’s deformity (from a diagnosis in highschool). I’m investigating all the alternatives to surgery, and the best relief so far has been padding on the heel… I take a good ankle sock like the Thorlo brand, and cut the toe part off so it doesn’t bunch up in my skate, and it seems to help. There’s also a gel achilles pad that I haven’t tried yet. The problem now is that the extra padding doesn’t help anymore and I’ve developed some inflamation. It hurts to walk most days. I’m probably going to the Podiatrist in a week or so. I’ll pass along any new info if I get it… J


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