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last 2 yrs, I was diagnosed of having an 8 degrees lumbar leviscoliosis. I was complaining of back pain when the doctor told me to have a back x-ray and that is the time when the doctor told me of me having a slight scoliosis. I was ask to go to a rehab doctor for therapy. I went to 2 rehab doctor and both doctors told me that 8 degrees scoliosis is so small that it will not have any serious effect on my body. both doctor told me just to have therapy sessions. Fyi, I am currently lifting weights in gym, and both doctor also told me that there is no restriction in terms of what I must not do in the gym except for not lifting weights that requires me to bend. So what I did was just to undergo therapy session for the pain in my back and still continue lifting weights. Although the pain in my back did not go away, but it is bearable. but last 1st wk of jan, I felt more pain in my upper back and lower back. again I went to a doctor this time the doctor refer me to a orthopedic specialist. the doctor told me to just strengthen my trunks and abdomen. he did not let me have an x-ray because he thinks it is not necessary. I am just thinking that maybe my scoliosis as aggraviated by my lifting weights in the gym, but the doctor told me it is unlikely to happen. I have also have a slight hump in my lower left area in back and it is due to the scoliosis according to the doctor. What shall I do with my scoliosis? do I need to get x-ray again just to confirm if the degrees of my scoliosis increase? I really don’t know what will I do right now. the pain in my back increasing and sometimes my leg also hurt. I realy don’t know if it is connected with my having scoliosis. thanks.


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    Ok 8 degrees is very slight. Most people wouldn’t notice it. It sounds like you have something else going on. Pain in the lower left side of the back could be a lot of things. Go to a DC and let them do a work up on you to get to the real answer.


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    i have a very bad pain in my lower back, I’m taking methocarbamol and piroxicam, what the doctor has prescribed. the pain is worse in the morning when I get up, its unbearable, is there any excercise I can do.


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