Back Pain

I was in a rear end auto accident 8 months ago. I had an MRI done that shows Desiccated disc from L5 through S1 with a mild protrusion. It also shows Tarlov cyst on the right at S1 and on the right and left at S2.I’m going to have epidural steroidal injections done. I have back pain all the time which increases with any activity. I also have pain in my right hip and thigh almost all the time and I’ve experienced an internal grating sound and sensation when lifting my grandson as well as excruiating pain. I also have sharp pain when turning my body to the right. The doctor seems to think the dessiccation is normal aging. Is this normal? I’m 55 Years old

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    No its not part of the normal aging process. Sure many people experience this as they age but its not normal by any means. We do have patients with similar age that do not have this. If it was normal, everyone would have it.


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