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i have seen that many doctors that ignore my problems, I have had severe back pain sinse I was 13, now 22. I have had a baby sinse then and all my doctors tell me its because I have put on weight. However I have had this pain when I was very slim. The pain sometimes pinches and stops use of my leg, I get leg numbness and tingling. Other times it feels fine until I bend over and the pain is worst the child labour. Please help me

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    Dr Anthony Gambale

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    Dear Sam Have you had your spine cecked by a chiropractor?Please replay at [email protected] regards Dr Gambale


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    I’ve had mild levoscoliosis for almost 7 years now.. I knew about it when I was 17 years old.. with a 10 degrees curvature. Lately I hear popping sounds in my lower back when I walk. My right shoulder blade is more dominant than the other and I experience back pain throughout the day. It’s as if tension around my back is getting worse and worse. I also experience a numbness in my left leg especially if I get up from bed. It felt like there’s a long string of vein that has been pulled. The pain radiates up to my right shoulder blade. My back muscles feel cold and painful. Could my scoliosis be worsening? I take etirocoxib just to alleviate the pain.


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