Back Spasms?

I have pain that is focused on the right side of my back. The pain is usually dull and sustained. It can also be severe enough to cause me to stop and freeze in place with pain. I occasionally feel a “pop” or non painful movement deep inside the area of the pain that sometimes provides long periods of relief. The problem started this time by raising my foot to go over a curb.My home treatment has been time, moist heating pads, hot baths, advil and lying on the floor. These seem to help the relieve some of the pain symptoms. This morning I woke up and felt normal but after about 30 min of getting ready for work pain came back. I have had these symptoms at least four times before in my life and each episode appears to get worse and last longer. When the problem goes away I have no back pain at all and can lead a normal life. Pain usually lasts 1-2 weeks. I am now on day 2 of this occurance and the pain is more severe than usual.Is this “just” back spasms or could it be some other cause?What treatment options would you recommend? Thanks for any information you can provide.

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    i am a 20 year old male who is frequently involved in physical activities such as basketball and running. I have a frequent sharp occuring pain in my back that seem to come up every once in a while in my life for a couple days but then leaves soon after. sometimes the pain is so severe that I cannot run, stand up straight or even move at all. I try stretching, taking hot baths and sitting erect on a chair but none of this seems to provide long-lasting relief. also why does this problem so recurring? help me please! thank you.


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