bad feet

My feet have been hurting since I was pregnant 4yrs ago.
First I thought it was because I was pregnant. But it never went away.
Actually, it has gotten worse.
My left foot, on the side of the ball, it hurts soooo bad.
My husband will rub it and he can hardly touch it now, it hurts sooo bad.
I used to get cortisone shots there from my podiatrist but the last one I got did nothing.
Also, my big toe on that same foot, pops constantly.
That doesn’t hurt but doesn’t seem right.
The other problem is every now and then and just recently, my big toe on my right foot feels like someone is just yanking on one hair and pulling hard.
The pain goes all the way up the top of my foot and I have to stand on my big toe to suppress it.
It almost feels as though it tickles at the same time it hurts.
What could this be?
I don’t even have hair on my toe.
Please help me.

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    Do you have any back problems? I recommend you see a neurologist and possibly even a rheumatologist.


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