Bad landings

I have been doing le parkour for just over a year now (if you havn’t heard of it do a quick search in google). And i’ve had a few problems with my shin recently. I filmed myself landing some jumps, and i seem to be landing on my right leg slightly before my left.I think this is probably what’s causing my shin to hurt.
I’ve tried to stop this but it seems to be too natural. Do you have any tips to help this or my shin?
Thanks a lot

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    le parkour… awesome sport, if you’ll call it a sport. i’ve practiced wushu in the past, am currently out of training due to injury, not sure if you’ve heard of that but anyways… from my experience, that type of pain could be due to an imbalance in muscles, or just because of all of the impact you have been taking on. try training the muscles in the front of your shins more (not sure what they’re called, sorry, only 17 lol). also, wushu invovles a lot of jumping, so knowing how to land is a good thing to know, i dont know if you do this or not, but try landing from toe to heal, bending your knees, and absorbing as much shock as possible, i noticed a lot of le parkour practictioners will roll if they land from a large jump, which seems like it may help w/ the impact.


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