barefoot solutions


I wanted to know your opinion of mostly un-shod third world nations and tribal peoples as to the health of their feet. Is it possible that they are less afflicted with foot problems than us?
I did the unthinkable 2 years ago.
I put away my running shoes for good and began running barefoot.
Before I required arch supports just for daily living and had chronic knee pain from a 4 mile run every other day. Now I have no knee pain and have completed 3 marathons barefoot!
I comleted my first marathon nine months after putting my running shoes away for good.
The results are undeniable.
Having worn arch supports since I was a child (I’m forty now) my arches feel great.
I discontinued the arch supports about two months after starting barefoot running.
The reason I write is to get some thoughts on this from a professional.
It seems that going against all sound advice has been just what a doctor would have ordered-given the results.
Larry Miquelon


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