Base Wedge Osteotomy

A little over 8 weeks ago, I had a bunionectomy called a base wedge osteotomy.
I actually had 2 wedges of bone removed and now have three screws in my toe.
Two of the screws are horizontal and one is vertical.
I have been weight-bearing for 2 weeks now (limping at best), but the swelling right below my toes is still significant and the pain is still severe.
It feels like a cushion of pain when I walk.
I have been going to physical therapy twice a week for four weeks.
My doctor thinks I am behind normal recovery schedule and he is being unusually forceful for what he called an “aggressive surgery” to begin with.
To make matters worse, the X-rays show that the lowest screw may be intruding into the bone of the second toe.
Now I am confused as to whether my symptoms and progress are reasonable or whether I should be concerned that the screw is really causing a problem.
I am concerned that the doctor does not want to admit that screw could be the culprit because it would indicate that he has made an error.
Should I seek another opinion?
Do you think I am behind schedule?
Please help!

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

    9 10

    I am not in any position to comment on your situation as I have not seen your foot or x-rays. You need to discuss your concerns with your surgeon.


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