bauerfeind malleoloc

hello, my name is vince.
i’ve sprained both of my ankles, and they’re both weak.
i’ve sprained my right ankle numerous times.
i saw a foot specialist and he said I tore a ligament in my right ankle and the only thing that would correct it is surgery.
i’m 6’5″, about 200 pounds, and my lower legs curve inward, which he said is why i’ve sprained my ankles so many times.
i have to wear ankle braces on both ankles whenever I do any physical activity.
i’ve been using T2 Active Ankles.
they provide the protection I need, however, they’re bulky and I can’t hardly jump with them on.
i’ve been looking for ankles braces and I found the bauerfeind malleoloc.
i was wondering if you think it would provide the support I need for vigorous activities such as basketball and volleyball?
a regular brace without solid side supports have never worked.
thanks for your time. vince

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Honestly, I can’t tell you without examioning your foot and ankle if this particular brace would be appropriate for you. In my general practice, I do not find it useful. I use the ASO or Speed brace. The owner of this site, whose ads you see tells me that alot of volleyball players use the malleoloc. You might click on the link and talk to them and see what they think.


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