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I already work in the medical field of sterile processing technician, but I’v erecently decided I want to become a physical therapist. I have several questions:. What are the best school courses to take?2. What is the salary?3. How long do you have to go to school?4. What do you think are some of the best schools to attend? I am married and work second shift,any answer would be helpful!1

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    Talk to the school you want to go to and they will give you the outline of the PT program. The salary starts at about $26.00/hour. Do a salary search on a site like hot jobs to get salaries…they are different in all areas of the country. It is a 8 years need a bachelors in anything and then you apply to the PT program and that is 4 years. So 8 years total. If you are going part time it will take you years to do this. A PTA is only 2 years and they start at about $16.00 to $18.00. Someone with about 12 years experience can make as much as $22.00. Good luck.


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