i have read on the internet that chiro treatments might help bedwetting.
I have a 10 year old that still has accidents.
I have been taking him to a local chiro for 3 months 2 times a month with no change. how long does it take if it was to help? I know that the internet articles said I had a 1 in 80 chance of this working.
I felt that I did not have anything to loose but it isn’t working.
Is it because I haven’t had enough treatments or what?
I will continue if I know if help is aroound the corner but I will quit if I have already given it a try.
My insurance is asking me why I am taking my son to the chiropractor so I am sure that they are going to stop the treatments also. Let me know if I should continue them or not.
When do I see or should have seen improvement? Continue or stop the treatments that is the question????????

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    I myself had the same problem as a child. My “accidents” did stop once I hit 11 years old. It’s a hard thing for a child, especially at that age! I didn’t heed medical advice, just waited on good old fashion time, and eventually I managed. Ensure the child has nothing to drink 1 hr before bed, and goes to the washroom before bed. I am sure you have already done these things, but I just wanted to let you know I have been through this personally many years ago. Good luck! I also set my alarm clock throughout the night to wake up and go, and pushed back the hours til eventually I didn’t need it anymore.


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