I play baseball and have had arm problems for quite sometime now. Last year I had took the year off from basbeall because of it, hoping it would heel.
I had seen a a doctoer and he said it could possibly be bicep tendonitis.
I only get it when I throw, and really whenm I try to throw my hardest and as soon as it happens the sharp pain stays there till I stop throwing. the pain is located on my inner arm right where my bicep meets my inner elbow.
When I decided to take the year off I was hoping that would cure. I worked out and stretched atleast 5 times a week.
It never hurts when I work out. But when I came back to baseball it came back.
When I rest a while its good for a little longer but the pain alwasy comes back.
I also ice it after every practice and game.
When I thropw consitantly the guicker it starts to hurt and does start to affect my daily activities a little. what could this be and what could I do?

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    wish someone would tell me too. I have the exact same problem.


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