bicep injury ??

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chris allenE-Mail: [email protected]: Re: bicep injuryBody of Message:i have a liht lump typ thing at the bottom of my bicep. canreally feel it when I flex and it feels like there is a line running through the muscle at the bottom of it. no bruising just a small bit of pain and u can feel it when doing certain things. can still exercise but have stopped. any ideas can’t feel t unless muscle is flexdAdded on Date: 08:13:32 4/03/2017

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    I ruptured my Bicep totally afew years ago, I regret not having it fixed at the time, no health insurance. The Bicep is like a ball and is a lower rupture at the elbow. What can I do to fix it now or treat it. I want to workout once again. Tell me all you can about an ruptured bicep the top head. Thanks I’ll be looking for your reply ASAP. John


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    Good day…. while doing my usual bicept workout, on the preachers bench, I apparently tore my rt bicept. The pain was not to bad, but I could tell I did tear it. Of course this gave me a better peak to my rt bicept. What should I do? I do not feel like I can do any arm work, my rule of thumb is…if it hurts don’t do it. Should I leave it alone and let it heal, or should I be doing some sort of physical therapy. And approx. how long should I leave it alone. I would guess it depends how bad I injured it. Thank you for any suggestions.


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