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Hi,When doing a single arm curl using a 60 degree inclined bench (sort of 1 armed preacher), while on the downward movement, I heard a tear and saw my bicep move up my arm – the tear was at the elbow region. I was examined and the Dr. thought that it was not a tendon as I still had some good bicep strength. What was the tear and what is my best way forward for rehab? I cannot fully straighten the arm at the moment (5 days since injury), but can rotate forearm and contract the bicep, although gently.ThanksGiles

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      tore distal bicep tendon ( r ), had surgical repair 45 days ago. Past surgery, I have no use of my right hand and inability to move my fingers upward ( constantly in fist position ). If I manually lift fingers up ( out of fist position ) with my left hand, then let go of the fingers, they drop immediately down into fist position; there is nothing there to hold them up. I have been to PT 2 times a week and it has done no good. I am in constant, severe pain from finger tips radiating up my right arm esp. with any movement attmepting to lift my fingers. I am afraid something was unintentionally cut during the surgery resulting in total dysfunction of my right hand. I would apreciate knowlege of orthopedic surgeons who specialize in this type of surgery for a second opinion. Do you have any idea as to what may have gone awry to cause total dysfunction of my right hand in the process of repairing my distal bicep tendon? I would much appreciate any help in locating such a specialist as I keep running into “brick walls” and am a lose as to how to proceed. Thank you


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