bicep tendonitis

Hi I am doing a research paper for my coaching class on bicep tendonitis and I was wondering if you had any information on this injury or good websites/books to recommend to learn more about this injury and how to rehab it. Thanksrena

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    Rena,Since you are a college student, I will ask you what I ask my Undergrads: Tell me what things you have done so far to find this information, and which articles have you found thus far? Then, if the student is lacking some specific information, I will help them to find it…not, however, to give them all the information myself. On a topic as broad as yours, you should be able to find tons of information with simple Internet searches; not to mention actually (heaven forbid) going to the University bookstore and looking up materials in a textbook! Part of your whole education process is helping the student to lean “how” to find the information they need; not to just give it to them. If, after doing some research on your own, you need help finding out some specific information, feel free to write back and ask. Otherwise, good luck in your never-ending search for knowledge!


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