bicep tendonitis

Hi, I have been is pain for 6 months. I finally got in to see the pt. She told me that it is treatable and will get better. Is this a fact? Will it bother me down the road if and when it gets better? Any info. would be much appreciated. Thank you,Paula

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    Paula,There are too many variables, and lack of information about you condition for anyone to give you that sort of an answer. The ones that should best be in a position to do so are your Orthopedist, and your PT. I am not sure why it seems to have taken you 6 months to get to see a PT? Did you see an Orthopedist, or were you seen by a Family Practitioner or Internist? If you are not making progress with your rehab after a couple of weeks, I would suggest that you get a second opinion from another Orthopedist.


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