Bicep tendonitis

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My name is Cory and I am currently playing baseball for my high school and just got accepted to play ball for CSUN(California State University Nortridge). However I have a pain in my arm just above the bend in the elbow underneath that tendon by the bicep. I ice my arm twice a day for an hour each time and the pain goes away and my arm feels great. Yet, the next day at practice I will throw for like twenty minutes and the pain quickly comes back. I have tried taking advil, tylenol arthiritis, and am now currently attempting Bovista. But I need desperate help as I believe my entire baseball career depends upon it. If anyone out there knows anything that may be useful please help me out by replying or simply sending me an e-mail. I will try anything to rid the pain no matter how crazy the idea, as long as it allows me to hose the ball across the diamond.e-mail: [email protected]



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    I have the exact same problem, I box/lift and its left arm, inner side right above the joint on the bicept. I have had this problem for four years now, and I started reading online about ART, it’s a soft tissue program that looks promising. I’m gonna try it, thought you might be interested in the same thing. And if you do find a cure before that, PLEASE tell me.


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    I just found a site about bicept tendonitis, which sounds pretty exact to the symptoms. It says use a topical heat cream and have a spotter help control your movements if you do bicept curls. Also, it seems there is no cure or healing for bicept tendonitis

    “Tendonitis and the Effects on Your Routine

    What turns out to be a small, yet annoying pain in your joint, can quickly turn into something much more debilitating. At first, you just think it might be a pulled muscle. Maybe I did a bit too much weight? But the intermediate to advanced bodybuilder knows what muscle soreness feels like after a workout. This isn’t it. But there is a potential solution.

    My biceps routine, which was progressing quite nicely, turned into a non-existent routine (curling a 30lb dumbbell was impossible) after I was “officially” diagnosed with acute Tendonitis in my right arm (just below the elbow joint). The doctor said that this particular Tendonitis doesn’t heal. It can get less painful but the micro tears and damage are permanent. As usual, the recommendation was to 1) quit whatever aggravates it 2) use a cream that gives some heat to the area.

    Rather the follow rule #1, because if you are a hardcore bodybuilder, just quitting the exercise isn’t how this injury happened in the first place. I found something that worked. I didn’t want to quit doing bicep curls. Bicep curls are one of the most recommended exercises for building mass. It’s a simple, basic movement that works.

    I did stop doing biceps movements until the pain subsided. Once the pain was significantly less, I decided to adjust my form, have a spotter assist on certain bicep exercises and used a topical cream (Biofreeze by AST). I changed the movement to go strict on any and all bicep exercises. My arms are now tight to the sides with constant tension on the muscle. Using a spotter for dumbbell bicep curls helped me eliminate the natural tendency to flare out the arms to get that weight to the completion phase of the exercise. Heavy weight with the arms slightly out tends to put a lot of pressure on that tendon.

    Taking a break from the exercises allowed me to heal enough to think rationally about the adjustments I needed to make in my routine. Going back to strict form, using a topical (heat) cream and having a spotter assist with a few of the bicep movements has all but eliminated (in a medial sense) my Tendonitis . I suffer no more pain from bicep movements because of these modifications.”


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    go see a chiropracter and get muscle stimulation you probably have a case of tendonitus.


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