bicepital tendon bursitis

I would like to be clear on this ailment and symptoms. I have had both shoulders cause me alot of grief and pain over the last several years. My thoughts are that I probably did not warm up and stretch enough when I was doing weighted exercises. I am 5’10” and 175 lbs. I think that I did barbell lifts to my chin and had more weight than needed as well as came up to high, extending my arms over my shoulders. This is probably just one area or error on my part. Over that last years I have experienced originating pain in my right shoulder but more a front of arm just below shoulder. I would have to isolate the arm in one position, stabilized, for a while for the pain to subside. This went on for a few years and at different times. It got so bad that I started getting professionsl help. Went to physio with electric wave treatment and heat but to no cure. had cotisome treatment but no cure. Had consultation with a othopedic surgeon and he calimed that the top of my shoulder has a slight over normal hook to my shoulder end which would put pressure on the tendons, impingment. He injected the shoulder, Bursa?, with a potent freezing and cortisome mixture and told me what reief I felt would probably come with surgery. I did not feel a whole lot better and we ended that surgery would not be the best. I have always had pain when throwing something, or banging my hand down on a table or chair etc. where the arm is flung. In the last six months now, my right arm is not as bothersome as my left. I have in the past not even been concerned with my left arm where the prblems were with my right. Now I am experiencing major pain and discomfort with my left arm. I do not have half of the movement of my left arm that I did. It is always in discomfort and pain and moreso in the morning. I also over the last years have had a form of tennis/golfers elbow where both elbows’Bursa?, are tender. I also experience major tenderness and soreness to the touch in the tendons that run through the forearms. At one point I had visited a massage therapist and he worked on the bicep tendon in my right arm and I could feel the pain from the attention to it. My latest visits with my new family doctor and discussions on this past problems, he seems to clearly think that it is related to the bicep tendon and this is where I have come up with “bicepital tendon bursitis” and wanting to receive as much information as possible on this to rid myself of the problem. I am not doing any weights and have not for a year or so and need advise on who and what to do as far as strengthening and stretches, warm or cold teatments etc. I am 50 now and aware that as we age, the shoulder area collapses as we get older and allows less clearance for the tendons to go through, causing impingment. I do feel though that my main problem is coming from my bicep tendons and the pain I receive is at the top of the front of arm before shoulder entry and alot of discomfort at the back part of the shoulder at the top and just behind where it seems the tendons etc. have gone through the top of shoulder and back down into the rear side of arm.If you can advise on any of this, I would be thank-ful.Bob Proulx

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    :I recently entered an arm wrestling competition and injured both arms and right shoulder. M doctor told me I tor the biceps tendon connecting at the front of my elboe or the tuck of the arm as well as my shoulder tendon on the right. Can you illustrate or explain this more to me.


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