bicep/tendon problem?

i was working out thurday and did biceps and triceps. completely burned out the biceps, so I went back to the barrcks. they had the usual tightness, so I paid no attention to them. later that evening, my platoon sergeant and I got into a groundfighting scuffle (not animosity, just for fun)I think I hyperextended it then, cause when I woke up friday morning, I could fully extend my arm but it hurt pretty bad. so I put icy hot on it to no avail. what would help? stretching it or letting it be? I knowit’s not torn or anything because I can still use it fine, it’s just really tight. any suggestions?

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    Mine have done that before. The area can be sore, and the muscles so tense that you cannot extend your arm. Do not be alarmed as it will go away in a few days. I used Icy hot and had someone extend my arms for me until it relieved the lockup. However, don’t do that too much as you can damage something that will naturally release itself over a few days.


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