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Hello, I’ve been starting to excersize and am not in that good of shape (Not overweight just lazy) and whenever I try to do bicycle manuevers I get lower back pain. Should I come back to these periodically to see if the pain is still there or start to treat the back pain itself? (I’ve never had any problems with my back before. Also I’m 24yrs 160lbs 5’9″)

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    You most likely have weak lower abs, which is common in most of the population. Whenever you start to do any abdominal work think about rolling your pelvis backwards and pulling your belly sensoredon in and up towards your head. You should feel your low back pressing into the ground all throughout your ab workout. This is a great exercise to just hold also, working on getting those lower abs stronger so you can support your lower back better. Good luck exercising! It feels great!


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