Big problem plz give me any ideas

Hi thera I have sunken chest too and that really makes me feel bad I can’t take breath normally and I feel all the time chest discomfort and lack of breath now I am 19 years old boy and I don’t know how to talk with my parents to help to find solution for that froblem ‘cos they told me that I am OK but I think that I am not OK when I feel pain in my chest all the time and I can’t breath like a normal peaple ‘cos I breath with my belly … my parents even think that it is normal when you could see how my heart is beating 🙁 ……Al least could you tell me with what kind ot doktor I suppose to talk about my problem !!!And what I suppose to tell to him to help me(becouse I am very shy :-()

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    Son broke his collar bone last night, while playing football. He is over 500 miles away at school. I do not know too much about his injury. He is on pain meds. What do we expect from this injury????


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