big toe

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Pain, swelling, stiffness, numbness.
Cannot bend this toe like the left toe.
I’m finding that I’m walking on the outer edge of my foot to avoid pressure near my toe and ball of foot.
It is always warmer than any other toe on either footl When there is no pressure on it, there is no pain.
Just swelling, stiffness and heat.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    You did not note how long this has been going on, any injury, age, weight health etc are all considerations. You probably should see a podiatrist for x-rays and evaluation.


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    I had an ingrown toenail worked on in january and haven’t been able to move my big toe,it is swollen and very painfull…. I have seen a hand full of doctors and not one has given me an answer they say the tendon is inflamed and thay don’t think that it ruptured yet last night I was woken up in major main it felt like something poped in my toe…..can anyone help me out?can you tell me why after this procedure on my toenail I still can’t move my toe or put pressure on it,please get back to me…………


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