Big toe- asleep, now hurting

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Starting Sept 3rd, the big toe on my right foot as felt nearly asleep. Not completely numb, but very tingly like it’s waking up.
Also, certain parts of it to touch I can barely feel.
As well, now I’m getting tenderness from putting any pressure on the nail- if I push down on the nail at all, it kind of itches and hurts at the same time.
Circulation seems to be an issue as well, because I can push down on that toe, and see slower color change when I let go then I do on my other big toe.
I am not a smoker, rarely drink, am only 30.
And my other foot- I experience soreness when I first get up- almost like it’s swollen, but it isn’t.
If you can only answer one question, please tackle the toe one please 🙂


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    My response is only a guess, since I have not examined your foot.
    I would want to run some tests- vascular, neurological maybe an MRI.If you have not seen a podiatrist I recommend you do so.


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    Thank you for your response. No, I have not seen a podiatrist, mostly for lack of insurance. But I do thank you for the advice. Hopefully I can see a doctor soon.


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