Big toe nail

Another big toe nail problem…mine was injured in August this year on the soccer field.
Nail bed turned red/blue then black with accompanying pain.
The nail was later ripped from the inner edge to the right, (left foot). The entire nail is off EXCEPT the outer side.
That’s where the pain part comes in!
How do I get the rest of it off so it can begin to heal without sending myself into excruciating pain?
Just touching it with a sock brings tears to my eyes! I’ve been soaking it and wrapping it.
What about some Numzit or topical gel like they use for gum pain? If I soak it in Epsom salts, add the gel, take two Extra strength Tylenol and pull… Hoping for a better solution….

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I do not recommend any of your suggestions. This could be handled in a much less traumatic manner by seeing a podiatrist. We deal with these problems all the time.
    Good luck.


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