Big Toe Pain

I started having problems with my right foot in Dec.
I was having discomfort in my Big toe, and have developed a bump on the side of my foot at the base of my big where my toe is turning inwards and now pushed against my 2nd toe.
To go along with all of this, I am having foot cramps and twitches in my arch and the side of my foot that actually moves my big toe. The bottom of my right foot (arch area) does not seem as flexible as my left. I went to my GP who told me I had a very flat foot and that was causing all the problems.
He put me in arch supports 3 months ago and it doesn’t seem to be helping. I guess, my question would be what does this sound like to you, and what would be causing the spasms and cramps?
I would appreciate any input you could give me at this time!


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