big toe pain

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2 1/2 weeks ago I dropped two lb. package frozen meat on my big toe. It swelled up, turned black and blue and hurt like crazy and is red and swollen. Now it feels like something is pulling up the top skin and something is burrowing up from bottom of toe.
It is wierd and it keeps hurting when I have a shoe on. Do you have any thoughts about these feelings.
Thank you.


    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    I recommend you get your foot x-rayed. It sounds as if your toe is broken. Life is too short to limp.


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    That happened to me except it was a beer bottle that fell from the lower shelf of the fridge. It didn’t fall far and was not that heavy but it obviously hit harder than I first realized. Over the course of the next few hours my toe also got all swollen and black & blue and really hurt. I ended up going to emergency and they had to drill a hole in the nail to relieve pressure of the blood building up under the nail. It did provide relief and eventually the toe nail came off. It took a full year for it to fully grow back. All has been fine for a couple of years now but it sure is an unpleasant experience. This pressure build up in my case happened within hours. Yours might not be the same thing but it is something else to consider.


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