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Before I go to the Podiatrist I thought I would run this by you. About 18 months ago I slipped on the stairs and jammed my right big toe on the way down. Not sure if it bent under or back, too fast, I think it bent under. Anyway it felt like a sprain for a month and got 90% better but has always had some pain especially if I “wiggle” it, and it pops a little. Now it has started aching all the time and a lot worse if I walk on it like a mile around the area. Right in the first big joint at the very base of the big toe. (distal end of first metatarsal) Any idea what it is and what I am looking at for treatment? I am a Dentist and I hate it when people ask me these types of questions. I always say there is no way to know without an exam and x-ray and that is probably what you will say but I just wondered if it might be some well-know malady like doofus-toe or something. DaleP.S. where is you office located?

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    There are several possibilities (and of course you know an x-ray would be the first thing we would want to look at). If nothing showed then an MRI would be my next step.1. An intra articular fracture and it could have healed a bit off2. Cartilage damage to the joint3. a ligament or tendon was torn and did not reattach properly.You could be in the early stages of hallux limitus ( a cousin of a bunion-hallux valgus)Orthotics might help of surgery might be indicated depending on what is found and how much pain you are having. I never inject this joint with cortisone.My office is in McKinney, Texas which is north of Dallas. If you need a referral to someone near you, you can let me know or go to the site and find a doctor there. You might ask around your area also to see who ther doctors go to. I do this site because the man I get braces from hosts it for me if I agreed to answer some questions. I never thought it would amount to thousands! Most of the time, to many people’s dismay I suggest they go see a podiatrist. It really is very difficult to diagnose things based on what people post. Good luck


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