Big toenail lifted partially from nailbed

My big toenail lifted on the right side — now it’s bleeding and theres some “pus” coming out from under the nail.
I also have a horizontal line (deep crease) across the tonail close to the foot (like it was bent back)…
I am a police officer and had to wear “combat” boots while working Mardi Gras this year, everyday for two 1/2 weeks… could wearing the boots have caused the toe to separate partially from the nailbed?
I haven’t done anything else to cause trauma to the toenail…

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Runners and tennis players have this problem from time to time. The nails get jammed in the front of the shoe and after repetitive trauma the nail pulls away from the bed and a subungual hematoma may result. If it is large enough, it can push the nail up and the blood and other fluid drains out. If you believe this is infected, you should have this looked at soon. If it is just the hematoma draining, then keeping it bandaged until it is dried out is a good idea. A new nail should grow and push the oldone off. It will take many months (up to a year) and look weird for a time. I see a number of patients who have this and think it is a fungal infection.


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