Big Toes Bruised

I went out last week to a function in high healed sandles.
I am now suffering with tenderness to each of my big toes and having taken off the nail varnish find I have a bruise under the nail of each.
I can’t event where my slippers as it feels too tender and even my bedding is touching the toes it feels tender.
How long will the bruise take to disappear?2.
Might the nail fall of each of the two injured toes, if so how long will it take to them to drop off.
Its just I’m going on summer holiday shorty and worried I amy not have any big toes nail?
I would be most grateful if you would please advise what the process will be to the healing.
Thanks LoadaVal

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    Vivian Abrams DPM

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    Depending on the extent of the bruising, the nail may come off sooner than later. If there is sufficient bleeding, what is called a subungual hematoma, then drainage may be noted or it might even need to be seen by a doctor. If it is minimal, it will take many months (up to a year ) to grow off. Without seeing your toes, I can not tell you for sure what to do. If you are not feeling better, then have it looked at.


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