bilateral shoulder pain

Rear ended in car accident in 2012. diagnosed withbilateral shoulder rotator cuff tears and labrum tears, also cervical C5-6 disk herniation.
Auto insurance is fightning claim so went to Thailand to have spinal surgery and implant at C5-6. Did alot of good for awhile, pain is bad down arms and hands turn blue and left hand is very cold all the time. Don’t have any insurance except auto so cannot get treated and have shoulder surgery for 8-10 more months.
Told I might have RSD or thorasic outlet syndrome. I am worried about color change and loss of function of hand now. If not treated will arm need amputation if circulation problem continues? Anyone had similar situation or could advise would appreciate.

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    Thailand for surgery? An insurance company won’t cover you when clearly rear ended? Yours sounds like a very complicated case. You REALLY need to see a doc. I guess you have the choice of seeing a doc or maybe losing your arm (per your concerns not my diagnosis). What do you do for a living? If you don’t make very much you may be able to get help with medical expenses.


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