Bizarre feeling in right knee – help!

I have been experiencing a really bizarre feeling in my right knee that is a mix between numbness (like my knee has fallen asleep) and tingling – to the outside right of the knee cap and a little lower. I have had no history of knee problems and can not point my current issue to a specific event however, I am extremely physically active and have been training for the fire academy which has required to me place 75 lbs. on my 125 lb frame and climb on a stairmill for 3 min. (app. 180 steps) or run stairs with 50 lbs. on my back. I’m worried I’ve wrecked my knee with my current exercise regimen so I’ve been avoiding going to the doc to be told I can’t become a firefighter or I’ll need surgery. What is going on? There is no visible swelling.

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    what was the conclusion for this? A friend of mine is experiencing exactly the same thing???? Any ideas are greatful…Kim


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